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Important information related to COVID-19 response

Effective 7/15/2021 pursuant to the latest COVID-19 recommendations, guidance and requirements, Special Education Mediation Services has updated its in-person session policy as follows:

Mediation and facilitation services will be provided in person if:

  1. Every participant attending the meeting is screened before entering the session and indicate that they:
    1. Have not had a fever or other COVID-19 symptoms in the last 3 days;
    2. have not been exposed to COVID-19 in the past 14 days; and
    3. are either vaccinated or will wear a mask for the entire session.
  2. Hand sanitizer and tissues will be supplied at the table; and
  3. Social distancing of six feet will be maintained during the session.

In addition, SEMS mediators and facilitators agree to adhere to any more stringent procedures established by a school or district.

SEMS intake staff will ask the host school or district if they have any COVID-19 restrictions or policy and will convey the specific requirements of our policy to all session participants.

Participants’ comfort and safety remain our priority and virtual mediations and facilitations continue to be available as requested.