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Important information related to COVID-19 response

In keeping with Governor Whitmer’s plan to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Special Education Mediation Services (SEMS) has suspended in-person mediation and meeting facilitation services from March 16, 2020 until at least April 30, 2020. This policy also conforms to the recently announced policy of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, which has suspended in-person hearings during the same period.

The SEMS central office will be open during the period to accept requests for service. SEMS will have virtual resolution services available.

IEP meetings, MDRs and other special education meetings are scheduled by the schools. Each district will have its own policy regarding such meetings during the closure period. SEMS will provide facilitators to participate via the virtual method established by the parties, (e.g., phone, Zoom). Parties that change an already scheduled meeting where SEMS facilitation has been arranged should notify SEMS office with the new date and time as soon as possible to reschedule the facilitator. 

Mediations are scheduled by SEMS at the convenience of the parties. Parties to already scheduled mediations will be contacted to arrange session participation details or reschedule an in-person mediation for a later date when permitted.

SEMS appreciates your cooperation during this period as it does throughout the school year. Thank you.

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